Process Automation:

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Manufacturing is a process that turns material, energy, and resources over time into products using manufacturing assets such as plant and equipment. The key drivers when food & beverage (F&B) manufacturers upgrade and automate their plants are improved productivity, flexibility to produce in terms of product mix and volumes, consistent and improved quality, minimized downtime and improved efficiency, monitored and optimized operational costs in electricity, and power saving.

Process Automation Applications:

•  Food & Beverage
•  Sugar, Cement & Fertilizer Industry
•  Chemical - Reactor and Regenerator Automation, Mixing / Agitation
•  Oil and Gas
•  Textile
•  Water Treatment Plant – RO Plant, Pure Water Generation, Agitation Pumping Station, Sewage Mixing
•  Metal - cut to length, Grinding, Boring, Tools Machining, Rod Coiling, Pipe Bending
•  Paper – Paper Coating, winder, un- winder, Paper cut to length
•  Packaging – We are the market player in automation packaging industries
•  Cosmetics & Perfumes – Cosmetic, Ointment, Shampoo, Oil, Lotion, Hand wash & list goes on .
•  Automation of Furnace control System
•  Automation of Purified water distribution systems for pharma industries
•  Batch Control application in chemical industries

Factory Automation:

PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo Motor and Drives, SCADA based automation for special purpose machines

Special Purpose Machines

•  Automation of autoclaves, superheated systems
•  Bagging & Material Handling System
•  Pharmaceutical Industry – PLC , HMI & SCADA based automation for Pharma Industry

   a)   Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)
   b)   Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
   c)   Vacuum Tray Dryer, Steam Sterilizers
   d)   Liquid Manufacturing – Cream/ Ointment, LVP/SVP, Blending/ Mixing, CIP/SIP System, Liquid Oral

•  Plastic Industries

   a)   Wire cutting Machine – Servo Motor, Servo Drives & PLC based automatic wire cutting machine
   b)   Blow Molding Machine – PLC based system for automatic plastic molding machine

•  Press Machine & Tools Components Industry – Roll Feed, Spring Coiling, Cut-to-Length, Slighting Lines, Press Feeding
•  Ball screw application with accuracy in micron using servo system
•  Packaging Machine
•  Labeling Machine
•  Wrapping Machine
•  Sleeve Applicator Machine
•  Pick and Place
•  Liquid Filling & Ice cream Filling Machine with load cell
•  Automatic weighing machine with load cell and PLC for better accuracy
•  Blister Packaging Machine
•  Forming and Sealing Machine
•  Textile Machine Winder and Un- Winder
•  Conveyor Automation
•  Elevators
•  Hoist and Crane
•  Bakery Machines
•  Automated Storage System
•  Machining, Tooling, Grinding and Boring
•  Machine which needs automation than we play all the shots

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