PLC – Programmable Logic Controller:

•  Micro PLC support 256 DI/DO
•  Higher PLC support 512 DI/DO
•  Program Capacity 4k/8k/16k/64k steps
•  Support 100/200 KHz /2 Axis 500 Khz Pulse Output
•  Built in RS-232 & rs-485 ports with Modbus ASCII/ RTU protocol
•  High speed Network module of Devicenet/CANopen / Profibus/EtherNet
•  Support Remote I/O communication module
•  Power Input- 230 VAC/24 VDC facility available
•  RTC & Auto tunning PID facility available
•  Following Model. Nos We deal
DVP14SS11, DVP14SS211, DVP14SS211T2, DVP12SA11R, DVP12SA11T2, DVP12SA211T,
DVP12SA211R, DVP12SE11T, DVP10SX11, DVP28SV11T, 43450DVP28SV11RT2,
43450DVP28SV11R2, DVP16SP11T, DVP16SP11R, DVP04AD-S, DVP16EH00T,
DVP16EH00R, DVP48EH00T2, DVP16ES200T, DVP16ES200R, DVP24ES200T,
DVP24ES200R, DVP40ES200T, DVP40ES200R, DVP60ES200T, DVP02DA-E2


HMI – Human Machine Interface:

•  Text Panel with 2/4/5/8 line with max.24 Function keys
•  Touch screen available in 3.5”, 3.8” , 5.7” , 7” , 8”, 10.4” , with TFT LED display
•  High resolution with 65536 color
•  Graphic & Text display
•  3- Communication port – RS232/rs485/RS422/EtherNet
•  Support Audio Output – Password Protection
•  Supprt High peed Ethernet port
•  Supprt High peed Ethernet port
•  Support USB Client for high speed download/upload
•  E-Server software for remote communication
•  E- Server software for data logging application
•  The following Model No We have
TP02G, TP04G - AS2, TP04G - AL2, TP08G-BT2, DOP-B03S211, DOP-B03E211,
DOP-B07S411, DOP-B07S415, DOP-B07E415


Drives – VFD:

•  Micro Drive – 40W To 400W
•  1Ph /230V – 0.05 HP to 3 HP
•  3Ph /415V- 0.5HP to 475 HP
•  V/F Drive
•  Sensorless Vector Control Drive
•  Flux Vector Control Drive
•  MODBUS Communication RS-485
•  Built in EMI filter & PID Feedback Control
•  Zero Speed that holds the torque stay at above 150 %
•  Inbuilt PLC Function
•  Auto Energy saving Function
•  Speed Drive for Elevator , Elevator DOOR, Tread mill, Textile
•  Crane , CNC Spindle, Fan &Pump Application
•  Some Model No. here
VFD022E43A, VFD40WL21A, VFD001L21A, VFD002L21A, VFD004L21A, VFD007L21A,
VFD015L23A, VFD002EL21A, VFD004EL21A, VFD007EL21A,VFD015EL21A, VFD007EL21A,
VFD0022EL21A, VFD075C23A


Servo Motors and Servo Drives

•  Rated Output – 50 W to 15.0 Kw
•  Rated Torque- .16 Nm to 95.5 Nm
•  4Mps Exclusive Interface for Line drives pulse
•  New advance real time auto gain tuning function
•  20 Bit encoder resolution
•  Low Cogging Torque
•  Low Cogging Torque
•  Multiple anti vibration
•  2Khz velocity response frequency
•  Full close control mode support line driver encoder
•  USB Port for PC Interface
•  With and Without Holding brake
•  CE, UL & European Safety Standard s compliance
•  IP65( Except the Encoder)
•  The following are the Model No. We have
Servo Motor
Servo Drives
MADHT1505, MADKT1505CA1, MADKT1507CA1, MBDJT2210, MBDKT2510CA1, MCDJT3220,
MCDJT3220, MCDKT3520CA1, MCDJT3230, MDDKT3530CA1, MDDKT5540CA1, MEDKT7364CA1,


Control Panel

In – House Panel Manufacturing and wiring:

Manufacturing - In House Panel wiring and Fabrication, We offer you a complete range of Industrial Automation, Electrical and Electronics Panel.

We deliver automation panels in shortest possible time.
Our Automataion Panel division would be your one stop source for design, integration and manufacture of high quality and complex automation control panels.
We offer innovative and practical solutions to all your automation requirements :

•  Variable Frequency Drive Panels
•  Machine Automation Panels
•  PLC & Automation Panels
•  Control Desk & Mimic Panels
•  Plant Automation Panels
•  Pump Control Panels
•  Crane Control Panels
•  HVAC Panels
•  IP54 panels
•  AC panels for harsh environment
•  Flame proof panels
•  FRP enclosure panels


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